Nora Danish Divorced Twice

Rizal Ashram Ramli, ex-husband of Nora Danish has told the Syariah
court that he has dropped talaq (divorced) two times in the last five

According to Rizal, the first talaq was ‘I ceraikan you’ which was
said in their house in Jalan Ritchie Ampang, and then they reconciled
the marriage after getting an understanding.

Then he dropped another talaq to Nora Danish, or her real name, Nora
Mohd. Danish Hanif, 26, last June 17th in a telephone conversation with
his wife.

Both of them decided to get a divorce because neither of them has any understanding with each other anymore.

Nora Danish admits that both of them are in an big argument and they both understood that the best way is to go separate ways.

When asked about her condition during
the divorce statement, Nora Danish said that she is clean and now she
is 3 months pregnant.

The court has fixed 12 August as the time when they decide whether both of the talaq is accepted or not.